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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  February 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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witnesses say the driver was speeding down fulton street when he set off a chain reaction crash. tara moriarty joins us from the scene. frightening moments for the mother of that baby. >> reporter: that's right. she was in the kitchen a few feet from her baby who was sitting on the couch when she heard a loud crash and saw the wall give way. you can see where the car actually hit. but not before hitting a man who was walking on the sidewalk. scary moments for the mother of six-month-old dahlia. >> she was shocked. i was shocked. i just grabbed her and ran. i just feel so lucky that she is okay. i mean, i feel bad for the pedestrian. i think he's going to be okay. but i thank may lucky stars to
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be honest. >> reporter: now, this happened at 2:20 this afternoon on the corner of 46th and fulton across the street from golden gate park. witnesses say an elderly man was driving about 55 miles per hour when he slammed into a pedestrian knocking his headphones and shoes off his body. she says she was stunned when the car came within inches of her baby. the victim is a man in his 20s. he suffered a broken femur but is expected to survive. the driver told police that his brakes were not working but obviously this crash is under investigation. we just noticed the dad arrive home. this family extremely relieved their daughter is okay. definitely some frightening moments. >> is there any possibility of a medical problem, or are they doing toxicology tests ton driver? >> reporter: he was an elderly man. we know they were taking his blood pressure at the seep. but he was saying and a lot of
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people told him tell police that his brakes weren't working. it will obviously be investigated, so hopefully we will know more details later on. >> tara moriarty reporting live in san francisco, thank you. students at san francisco state are outraged over proposed budget cuts at the university of -- at the college of ethnic studies. hundreds of students marved through campus and took concerns straight to administrators. faculty members say the ethnic studies college could lose 40% of its operating budget and half of its teachers because the college is already underfunded and reserve funds are gone. the department chair says' struggling with a 125% enrollment gap. >> we've been on the short end of the stick in cuts and in funding. and so what we're asking for is to be funded at the appropriate
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level to serve our students, to have counselors to serve our students, to have lectures. >> news about to dwindling funds and possible class cuts came out this month. the college of ethnic studies was created in 1969 in response to student demands. san jose police are searching for a gunman who fired at a minivan full of people today. it happened outside a busy strip mall on capital expressway shortly before 10:00 this morning. a 17-year-old boy in that minivan was wounded but is expected to survive. other people ran and panicked toward a bank. police say the gunman was inside a car with several other men. they don't know what triggered the shooting. >> those people that decide to shoot at random, they don't really think about what's in the background. any bullets could get away and end up striking people not involved. >> that did not happen this morning. police say the gunman was in a
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silver mid-90s nissan sedan. a man is recovering after he was shot in san francisco's tender loin neighborhood near hyde and 0 ferrell streets. we're following the latest in the case of a missing woman from brisbane and the suicide of her husband. tonight the brisbane police department is taking the lead in the investigation. they say that body parts found in fremont show a strong link to that missing woman. ktvu's cristina rendon has more details. >> brisbane investigators are not going into detail about testified but they have strong reason to believe body parts found infremont are that of shelley tichner.
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>> i just hope and pray that the family of the two boys are going to be okay. >> the community really comes together at times like this. everybody is really concerned because they were worried about her. >> reporter: brisbane police strongly believe a torso discovered sunday in fremont and other body parts found in this same area on tuesday belong to shelley. >> i think we share the same feeling as fremont police have expressed, that there's a strong likely hood that it's her. >> reporter: just as a precaution deputies were back out this morning during low tide looking for more body parts. it could take several weeks for the remains to be identified. soon after grizzly discoveries on tuesday paul titch nerkz r jumped off the bay bridge. >> an action by somebody that extreme would indicate something. what exactly it means is still to be determined. >> investigators have searched
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the couple's home, paul's business and his vehicle. the couple failed for divorce in 2001 but it's unclear if it was finalized. >> in this town, it's a little peaceful burg. for something like that to happen here is very frightening. >> reporter: we want to note the coroner's office is going to be responsible for identifying those repains but that could take several weeks because it's likely that a dna test will have to be run. the people in brisbane are likely going to plan a voyage it for shelley later this weekend. >> cristina rendon in our newsroom, thank you. >> prosecutors have decided to refile rape charges against a former san jose police officer. last week a judge declared a mistrial against jeffrey graves. he is accused of raping a woman in 20 136789 he claims the sex was consensual. the santa clara county district attorney's office said it would retry the case. a hearing has been set for march 15th.
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graves is current free on $100,000 bail. we have developing news. 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick apparently wants out of san francisco. >> is reporting his agents have requested permission to seek a trade. sports director mark ibanez joins us. this is something we were talking about whether he would stay or go. >> you heard the general manager say definitively they want kaepernick, and it looks like just trying to get leverage. they don't want other teams thinking that they want to trade him which would put them in a position of weakness because i feel like they definitely know they have to move forward without colin kaepernick as their quarterback. they just don't want other teams knowing that. but this is really weird, because just hours before this word came out that he requested a trade, coach kelly had talked to reporters back at that time nfl scouting combine in indianapolis and told reporters that the quarterback had given
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him every indication in the several conversations that they have had that he wants to stay. and he wants to be here. he's never expressed to me that he doesn't want to be here. he expressed to me that he was excited about it. so there you go. but late this afternoon, hearing word from several different sources that his agents have requested permission from the 49ers to seek a trade. so there you go. it's a new coach, a new regime, same old soap opera. >> it just feels so bizarre. i get the whole leverage thing. last night you hear him definitively saying last night he is going to be here. today you see the coach with that was it the saying he's never expressed a desire to leave. a couple of hours leave his agent comes out and says we want a trade. where's the disconnect here? >> the disconnect is, the 49ers, despite what their last press conference said, they were vehement in saying they were going to have transparency
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there here on out. remember that? it's pretty evident that there are a lot of moving parts. things are going on with the organization with regard to their thoughts and their true want of having kaepernick around. i told you last night i don't think he is going to be the quarterback next year. i don't think they want to pay him $11.9 million after april 1st. i repeat it again today. it just happened a little sooner than i thought. >> it was quick what. do you think about blaine gabbert's future with the team? >> he will definitely have the opportunity to win the job. coach kelly said even with kaepernick staying he wouldn't have a guaranteed number one position. no matter what there will be competition for the quarterback position when training camp starts and we're also not forgetting the fact that the 49ers could draft a quarterback in the upcoming college draft and perhaps someone like jared goff could get into the mix. >> real quick, do you think rgiii, robert griffin, in the
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49ers future at all? >> i don't see it. but you never know w. the 49ers i think you multiply that by 10. i really don't know. >> we've had a lot of injuries. >> the 49ers' off season again more interesting than the really season. lots of stuff going op. >> wait until things really get going. >> there you go. >> mark, thank you. coming up, the latest twist in the saga between the fbi and apple. see how the tech company took action in court a day after its ceo said it will not comply with court orders to break interest an encrypted iphone. he told me if i had anybody try to pick me up i would -- he would kill them before they took off with me. >> a woman tell her harrowing story. she said that she was held hostage and sold for sex. now she wants others to know about to dangers of human trafficking. and disappointing numbers what. officials are hoping for after california fell short op water
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savingsm last month. another spring-lake day but changes coming that could k impact that weekend with a few wet moments. back here after the break.
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we are following developing news out of kansas where three possibly four people are dead and as many as 20 others injured in a shooting at a manufacturing plant. the shooting was reported late this afternoon in the city of heston at the x cell industry plants where lawn mother plants are manufactured. police say the shoot ser among the dead. investigators say there is more than one crime scene but have not elaborated on that. we're working to get more
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information. if we do we will bring it to you. you might call it martial arts with a mission. two twitter employees have opened the doors to a new game in uptown oakland. classes to kids are free because they want to give back. their goal is to create a lace where children can be safe and also learn how to protect themselves. >> we wanted to create a place where everyone, no matter what their financial situation was could actually do martial arts. >> reporter: classes are given in this 1800-square-foot space. when ben isn't working at twitter he spends time here coaching, mentoring children and teens through boxing and brazilian jujitsu. >> i'm doing something i'm passionate about, and it's going to change lives. >> reporter: one-two punch means combining his passion with a desire to help improve the city he calls home. >> there's a huge group of
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people that can't afford to do it. >> reporter: one of those kids slefn-year-old john who is from a single parent home. he has been a big brother to the sixth grader for two years. >> i feel really close. i'm able to share with him things that i wouldn't normally share with other people. >> john says box hag taught him how to relieve stress. guardian jim also encourages girls to join, knocking down stereotypes. he says it's an example of gender equality starting at an early age. >> i'm just grateful. >> reporter: he has recruited other twitter employees such as ashley. >> the dream is to kind of be all around the place for these kids to be. so they don't have to go and do things, other alternative things. >> reporter: he says this gym is a place to show kids there is a world of possibilities.
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>> if you meet people they will see you're a good kid and a hard worker and you have this sort of passion, and that's how you make those opportunities happen. >> once again that was amber lee reporting. fees come from adult classes. he hopes to expand to other locations. senator dianne feinstein received an award, the 201 ansel adams award. she has been a part of a dozen unique bills that protect more than 8 million acres of land. californiaans are falling short of the mandated water savings target from the governor. officials say conservation totaled only 17% in january. that is far below the 25% cut
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that governor brown mandated last june because of the drought. this it was fourth month in a row that the 25% goal wasn't met. the state water resources board says it is hoping for a miracle march in terms of rainfall, especially since february has been so dry and warm. one of the most prestigious surf contests is going on in the world in hawaii. it is the quick silver in memory of eddie ical. some of the world's best surfers taking part on oahu. for awhile organizers weren't sure if conditions would be good enough. the waves must meet certain requirements. conditions have only been met nine times in the last 30 years. the last event was in -- seven years angst 2009. the event is held in memory of surfer and legend eddie ical who died at sea un1984. >> boy, those waves are something. let's bring in our chief
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meteorologist. you've been sunk for awhile. how does that competition compare to mavericks? >> it's got more history as julie points out. it's harder to run. they're a little more picky about it. we're picky up here but we actually get bigger waves more often than they do and more opportunity to surf. mavericks has broken six or seven times over 20 foot, where as that's the end all to be all for big wave contests even though mavericks is held oftener in larger surf and better surf. but all those waves, all that surf that you see on the north shore of hawaii two days away, then it's here. those swells move out of the west, hawaii to the west of us, and as those swells move 25, 30 miles per hour they will be here in a couple of days. that puts us under a high surf advisory. across the country you've had severe weather in the northeast
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and the south, the carolinas. the temperatures right now across the country are pretty mild. it's been a pretty mild winter he is special across the southern tear of states. for us there's high clouds. just not enough to really produce anything significant in terms of rainfall. but tomorrow we have a shot at a sprinkle in the forecast. there are the current temperatures. it's 75 in san jose. they were as high as 77. the forecast model tomorrow, there's the fog. there's what you've got to notice. there's a empty terp shift when you see this low strait opportunities. that's fog. you can tell by the way, it's a uniform bank. that's pushing in. when it pushes in like that by tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon, that's the pattern change. that means the onshore flow is returning. that could bring a few sprinkles. let's look at the same deals. last tame it showed temperatures this time rain. tomorrow morning patchy coastal fog. tomorrow afternoon you see those light showers move
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through there. that's that chance of a sprinkle. it's not much. i wouldn't be surprised to get some drizzle or sprinkle tomorrow late afternoon, early evening. then some residual moisture into saturday morning. it's nothing but but it's there. it's something. it's nothing big but it's something. so we continue with this warm pattern as we go right into your bay area weekend. sunday we've got a chance for a few sprinkles. but a very similar weather system in that it is going to be just weak as all get out. there's the five-day forecast, bay area weekend in view. and just like we said, we knew it was going to be pretty much dry the last couple wakes and it has been. hopefully as we go into the following weeks things will shake loose because we need march to be something special. >> like summer in february. >> it's weirdly warm. >> the temperatures going on the decline right now. >> they're dropping down for the weekend, but still in the
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60s, for february. >> thanks bill. the ceo of sea world is speaking out. hear the surprising admission he made about his company and the animal rights group peta. contamination concerns at a bay area school. the discovery that prompted an investigation into the school's water supply. would i be happy that my kids were drinking lead? not necessarily but i do feel like the school took right precautions.
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super tuesday may shape the field in the race for the white house. it could mean the field of five could dwindle down. it is an equally important day for democrat bernie sanders who is looking beyond south carolina. joel waldman is in washington with more. >> i need your help. starting with this primary on saturday. >> reporter: hillary clinton working to secure victory leading bernie sanders by double digits in south carolina. sanders passing on the palmetto state looking to snag votes in the all or nothing delegate state of ohio. >> when we stand together, when we don't allow the donald trumps and others of this world to divide us up, i believe that there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. >> reporter: billionaire donald trump riding a tidal wave of momentum after three waves in a row, but the biggest delegate
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prize of the season so far, texas, could short change a trump trouncing. a new monmouth university pole has the gop front runner 15 points behind ted cruz, and the lone star state senator is pouring it on. >> p.t. barnum is fun to watch. but there comes a time when the clowns and the acrobats and the dancing bears, it's time to put them away. >> reporter: marco rubio has been a strong second place finisher but is yet to nab a top spot win. a new quinn quinnipiac poll shows a potentially deadly blow. >> if marco rubio can't carry florida it's terrible news. he's out. >> reporter: twelve states and one u.s. territory are in play super tuesday. the biggest one day grab for delegates during the primary
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season. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. >> today the alameda transportation commission voted on a new plan that will increase freight moving through the county while trying to reduce environmental and health impacts. alameda county is hope to the port of oakland, the oakland airport and rail, truck, and warehouse facilities. a coalition of environmental and health organizations called ditching dirty diesel drafted a 78-page health impact assessment that outlines the negative effects that impact the communities of west oakland and parts of east oakland. the commission would have to work closely with the county health department and the bay area air call tea management district. strategies would be implemented only when they reduce health impacts. a federal judge put volkswagen on notice for the emissions violations in diesel cars. the judge wants volkswagen to report within a month on how it plans to make the diesel cars
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comply. vw admitted it used illegal software to pass tests while the cars were spewing out high levels of pollutants. the judge said six months is enough time to find a fix. volkswagen said it is working as quickly as possible. the ceo of sea world said that some of his employees have posed as animal rights activists to spay on the company's opponents. last summer people for the ethical treatment of animals, or peta, the accused sea world of trying to infiltrate the organization. during a quarterly earnings call with investors sea world's ceo admitted that was true. he also promised that the company has ended the practice. in a statement issued after that call sea world said it did so, quote, in the face of credible threats that the cod received. as for the company's earnings sea world narrowed its losses in the most recent quarter as attendance was up slightly but the company's stock price continues to fall, down 9% just
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today. the company is still struggling to rebound from negative publicity generated from a 2013 documentary. that documentary was called "blackfish" and called into question sea world's captivity of whales and chronicled the death of a sea world trainer. crews along the east coast working to restore power to thousands. cleanup begins after deadly storms tear through the region causing millions in damage. striving for perfection. coming up a look at the cal bears men's basketball tammy and how some are wondering if they might be on the verge of doing something they haven't in the since 1960. >> the question is can the government force a private person to work for it. >> more questions than answers as apple fairs back against the fbi.
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lawyers for apple file paperwork today asking a federal judge to vacate the court order that requires apple to help the fbi hack into a locked iphone. it's the latest twist in the high stakes saga that is pitting national security against privacy rights. keba arnold has more. >> reporter: in the court filing apple accuses the government of seeking dangerous power through the courts and of promoting boundless interpretation of the law.
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for the filing it is apple's first official response since that court order last week. the move comes a day after apple ceo tim cook said the company will fight the order to create this back door so the feds can retrieve data from the iphone of one of the terrorists. today fbi director james comey fired back. >> the code the judge has directed apple to write works only on this one phone and so the idea of it getting out tin wild and working on my phone or your phone, at least the experts tell me, is not a real thing. >> congress seemed divided on this issue. some lawmakers say they are preparing legislation that could compel apple to help the fbi while others remain skeptical. >> if this code exists on a server at apple it will presumably become the target of our so vern adversaries, of terrorists. >> apple says it will fight all the way to the supreme court if needed but comby wants to put
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differences aside in the name of national security. now, the fbi says questions about law enforcement access to encrypted data should ultimately be decided by congress to avoid disputes like this in the future. ktvu fox 2 news. now to milpitas where police have identified four suspects who were arrested in a gun store robbery. the oldest is i department fide as 19-year-old jose fernandez of hayward. he was captured after running away from the gun store located in a strip mall right behind milpitas police headquarters. a police sergeant heard the burglar alarm early yesterday morning. the names of the other suspects haven't been released because they are juveniles. two are 17 years old boys from hayward and another is a 15- year-old from oakland. in san jose a woman was killed when she was hit by an suv that was backing out of a driveway. it happened about 8:30.
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police say drugs or alcohol were not factors in the accident, and that the woman who was driving the suv stopped immediately. the woman who was hit unfortunately died at the scene. the largest container ship to ever doing north america returned to the port of oakland. it was last here in december. take a look. it can carry as many as 18,000 shipping containers. the best place to get a view is at oakland's middle harbor shoreline park. the ship is docked at berth 55 and 56. that's not the same terminal as 22 before. it is expected to become a regular visitor to oakland. it has taken much of the season but the cal basketball team is finally hitting its stride with its two freshman players. thou with march madness almost here there's something to do something pretty special. not seen in berkeley since 1960. scott reiss has our story.
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>> things at the college level don't get much bert. >> cal got a huge monkey off its collective back with two wins in washington, masking memories of a 1-8 start away from the pavilion. now the quest resumes in berkeley where season long perfection is within reach. >> lack how we play at home. we're always dialed in. we feed off the crowd. >> dialed in, indeed. the bears 16-0 on their home floor with two games remaining. wins over ucla and usc would give them their first perfect home season in 56 years. >> let's talk about protecting the home court. we talk about that from day one. we always talk about that part but not necessarily try to get 17 winsz or 1 wins. it's more than anything. protecting your home court. >> it's not something we really focus on. i think our fans have done a great job of contributing to the wins with their energy. we've been having packed
5:36 pm
crowds. >> bigger picture, cal still has a shot at the regular season title and a nice seed in the ncaa tournament. suffice to the say they're peaking at the right time. >> i think we're constantly getting better. as a team this is the best we have been playing all season. >> in berkeley, scott reiss, ktvu fox 2 news. a woman held hostage and sold for sex. >> the guy told me if i had anybody try to pick me up that he would kill them before they took off with me. >> now she is speaking out after her alleged pimp was captured in a human trafficking sting. backlash over small plastic coffee pods called k-cubs. how one company is trying to fix the problem by working to recycle those pods. a coast guard rescue goes wrong. see how the tables were turned after a crew on a rescue mission actually had to be rescued themselves.
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an injured firefighter had to be airlifted from the scene of a wildfire in malibu. officials say the woman was part of an inmate crew. she was critically injured after being hit in the head by a bolder. crews now have the upper hand on the fire that started around 3:00 this morning near the pacific coast highway. it burned about 10 acres in steep terrain. the cause is still under investigation tonight. a coast guard rescue took
5:40 pm
on an unexpected turn in new york city when the coast guard vessel capsized during the rescue mission. officials say the coast guard was on its way to rescue fishermen stranded on a boat. but on their way to the scene the coast guard vessel was overturned by massive waves. the coast guard members all swam safely to shore and called for back yaw. helicopter was able to come in and rescue those stranded fishermen. crews are working to restore power from several tornadoes that touched down in three eastern statements hundreds of buildings were damaged or destroyed. in virginia authorities say the path of destruction was nine miles long. >> reporter: violent weather slammed this small virginia town of 2,000. a two-year-old was among those killed when a storm hit waverly. >> i never seen it. on tv but not here. that's what was so shocking. >> reporter: locals say the
5:41 pm
severe weather hit without much warning. the damage is significant. this laundromat is among the structures destroyed. >> it came so fast and wept so fast and so powerful. >> reporter: strong wind and heavy rain moved up the coast. the rain caused a basement wall to collapse in maryland, trapping a man who authorities say went to check on his sump pump. >> ton thing holding tall weight of that is that post right there. if it would have shifted just a little bit the whole thing would have went down. >> reporter: dozens of buildings in lancaster, pennsylvania sustained damage. >> we could see gaps from our basement door and we seen all the power go out, then ours started flickering. we knew something wasn't good. >> reporter: storms also hit the philadelphia area where high winds knocked this burger king sign onto the restaurant's roof. >> there was people saying under there but actually people were say. >> reporter: virginia national
5:42 pm
guard has activated to help residents. the governor has also declared a state of emergency. astronaut scott kelly says hopes his year in space is a small step that will eventually take humans to mars. kelly talked to the media from the international space station. he heads back to earth next week. he is taking part in a study with his twin brother to determine what spending a year in space does to the body. it would take a year-long journey to fly to mars and back. >> i would like for if legacy of this flight to be that we could decide to do hard things that would take us further away from the earth. i'm hopeful and i think we will learn a lot about longer duration space flight and how that will take to us mars. >> nasa has said it hopes for a
5:43 pm
manned mission to mars by the early 2030s. a man accused of holding a teen for years and forcing her to have sex with strangers. police finally have him in custody. tonight we're hearing from the teenager he is accused of selling for sex. her horrifying story is next. >> reporter: a major german said says that's it with single- service coffee pods. but that is only part of the story. tracking that forecast out there some sprinkles to talk about as we head towards the weekend.
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she says she was forced to sell herself for sex starting at age 15. ktvu's ann rubin has her horrifying story. >> reporter: she says it all began innocently enough. at age 15 she met a man through insta gram and told him she liked his tattoos. that man was tone by his nickname shy. what she thought was a budding relationship quickly turned to something else. >> he had his friend go to the hotel room and like have them basically do whatever they wanted with me. and when i told him about it he didn't care. >> reporter: it was that day at a motel in san jose that mendoza said she first began working for him as a prostitute. soon she was work in southern california and was forced to take between eight and 20
5:47 pm
clients a day. >> he told me if i had anybody try to pick me up that he would kill them before they took off with me. >> reporter: op february 7th after two years of working she and another girl escaped from a motel in anaheim. four days later she was arrested. he is charged with pimping a minor, pandering, forcible rape along with felony drug and weapons charges. when approached by our sister station his public defender declined to comment. but authorities in santa clara county say he had been a wanted man here, too, during a series of stings leading up to the super bowl, their human trafficking task force took in two women what claimed to be his victims. >> he was associated with bringing in two of those females. when we contacted him we didn't have enough evidence for a human trafficking case but there was enough to release him for aiding inprostitution. >> while he was well-known to law enforcement he was also well-known in his san jose neighborhood where people say there were several drive-by
5:48 pm
shootings at his tattoo parlor. this woman says she was not surprised. >> no, it actually made perfect sense because he always had young girls around hit. >> reporter: mendoza, now 18, says she is speaking out in the hopes of saving other girls. >> i was crying, not because like, oh my gold, i'm so sad he's locked up, but because i'm relieved. i feel like, okay, he's locked up, i should go back to living my life. >> people we talked to say there is a sense of relief. his next court date is set for march 4th. in san jose, ann rubin, fox 2 news. vice president joe biden will introduce lady gaga before her oscar performance sunday. her song "til it happens to you" subpoena for an oscar. it is featured in the documentary, "the hunting ground, which is about sexual assault on on college campuses.
5:49 pm
the vice president is expected to gain the gaga intro with a call for people to speak out against sexual assault. the director of creed will help the people in flint, michigan. he will be taking part in a benefit for people impacted by flint's lead contaminated drinking water problem. despite creed's success earning $170 million at the box office coogler was not nominated as director. >> good for him going to flint. so what if he wasn't nominated. he's one darn good director. let's bring in chief meteorologist bill martin. certainly in february. >> 77 in san jose today for a daytime high. it's february, february 25th. we're dealing with temperatures that you would expect to zion april, may, and june. yeah, we're dry and warm, and, yeah, today will be the
5:50 pm
warmest. tomorrow's temperatures are going to trend down with more clouds, and a slight chance of a sprinkle. i mean, there will be a little bit of wet on the grass and the windshield, but it shouldn't be enough to really -- maybe in the north bay, a 10th of an inch. most of us would be a trace amount or less. there's the beautiful city, as seen from alameda oakland. all beautiful cities in the bay area this time of year, this time of night. temperatures out there now are still in the mid-60s, upper 60s. there's the system i'm tracking that gets in here tomorrow. it just really falls apart. the main energy drives into northern california. but the take-away here, you see the lines, the take away you're seeing an onshore flow. when the arrows are going the other way you get much warmer. when the streamlines go from west to east that ushers in a cooler pat the earnings moisture from the pacific, and temperatures that will drop a good 10 degrees tomorrow. so here's some of current
5:51 pm
numbers. 72 now in hillsboro. we end up in black hawk, 66, consistent danville. tree pollens are out big time. we talked about those. saratoga 72. it is warm outside. this high pressure center not going away anytime soon in terms of -- it will go away a little bit tomorrow but then it pops back in. it kind of lippingers. this is the meg name that's keeping sows dry. it bumps out a little bit on friday and brings the clouds and the sprinkles a little bit closer to us but not near what we need. so the computer model in the morning, there's the on shore throw with the fog. you see that? that would be our rain chance. that was around 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 tomorrow night. i shouldn't say rain. i should say drizzle or sprinkles. you know what that will help, though? what that will happen slot help the tree pollens. it will trend them down. so in santa rosa the chance of
5:52 pm
a morning shower, mid to morning shower, then it ends up like that at noontime. the models is saying trace amounts of rain in the afternoon. so just a nice looking forecast. no surprises here. hoping that march becomes something that will be remembered because we're going need some real rain and snow. we've got snow in the mountains, rain here, but we need big rain. losing the month of february, which we've done, not what we needed to have happen, because no matter how great march is we're still going to be behind where we should be. >> is the snow melting in the sierra? >> a little bit, frank, but they've had some pretty chilly nights. they've got a lot of snow. they're doing well. >> now we need something to add. >> we'll see something but not this week. >> thanks bill. coffee pots growing in popularity but so is the backlash. see how one company is hoping to end that backlash by working
5:53 pm
to recycle those little plastic pods. in minutes, new at 6:00, contamination concerns at a bay area school. the discovery that prompted an investigation into the school's water supply. >> they were concern with lead, iron, and manganese in the iron.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
major league baseball has a new rule for the way players slide into a base to try to
5:56 pm
break up a double play. the rule is designed to reduce injuries. it comes as a result of this slide last year that broke the leg of ruben tejada. a player must make contact with the ground ahead of the base, be close enough to touch the peace with a hand or foot, and stay on that base through the slide. players also cannot change their path to make contact with a fielder, and an umpire can call both the runner and batter out for a violation. a bigger peen city is banning single-service coffee pods made famous by keurig's k- cups. tom vacar looks at the argument. >> reporter: today two out of every $5 spent on coffee are spent on k-cups and competing single-serving pods. but almost all of the leftover plastic cups end up in landfills, ultimately emitting greenhouse gases. the compost i believe coffee
5:57 pm
grounds could be turned into plant growing water saving compost. >> we love coffee grounds. they help us make really good high-quality compost. >> reporter: but says robert reid, k cups and other pods are unacceptable. >> very, very difficult to recycle products. they're made out of multiple materials. and really presents tremendous challenges as that's why there's been a really big environmental resistance and push-back. >> reporter: the solutions, say many, to ban them outright in favor of traditional coffee pots and paper filters. but tens of millions of americans say they love the idea of single service coffee but they would like to do something about unnecessary waste. a company that was born in san francisco is figuring out twice keep everything, including the packaging out of the landfill. >> we got into this only because we had to. it was way the mark was moving. >> the rogers family owned coffee company is investing
5:58 pm
heavily in technology and said it's very close to making its coffee pods 100% compost i believe. rougers currently at 98.5%. >> all the other components except for the small filter and paper are made out of plastic- based resins which will go away in three weeks in a industrial composting bifnlt. >> reporter: the final hang-up, the water filter. it stubbornly resists composting. millions say they don't want to waste some or a whole pot of coffee he is special in families where people prefer different types or flavors. tom vacar, ktvu tox two news. contamination concerns at a bay area school. a teacher's discovery at a drinking fountain and how it prompted an investigation into the water supply. >> would i be happy that my
5:59 pm
kids were drinking lady? not necessarily. but i do feel like the school took the rate precaution. >> school district tests show dangerously high levels of lead but the health department has a different story. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. the sonoma county health department announced the water at hills burg elementary school is safe to drink. new at 6:00, rob roth joins us from the newsroom. the school is still take extra precautions. >> that's right, julie. the school is taking no chances by not letting anyone use the water fountains especially young children at least until it has a chance to replace its very old pipes. >> reporter: hills burg elementary school students are only drinking bottled water. the water fountains have been shut off over concerns the water may have had high levels of lead. >> before we even knew exactly what we were dealing with we knew that we had taken care of the exposure. there was nobody that was
6:00 pm
drinking water that was contaminated any more because it was shut off. >> reporter: problem was first discovered when a teacher began filling a container at a fop taken and noticed the water didn't look quite right. >> saw that it was a little cloudy, and notified the principal what then notified our director of maintenance. >> the school district shut down the fountains, brought in bottled water, and hired a company to run tests. one test showed 59 times the level of lead allowable by the epa. >> would i be happy that my children were drink lead? not necessarily. but i feel like the school took the right precautions. >> those tests are being called into question. the health department received the results from tests it ran earlier this week. >> our results show that there are lead levels that are significantly below epa. >> why the discrepancy? >> i can't tell why you the difference. i would saying a giant's really important to


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